Our photo gallery contains just a small selection of photographs of projects we have carried out over the years.  Browse through and enjoy!!!  Then be sure to come back now and again, because we'll be adding on photo reports of new projects regularly.

January 2012 - Load-out of two container cranes bound for Iraq

TTS loaded out two 700T container cranes to be transported by barge from Abu Dhabi to Umm Qasr, Iraq.



December 2011 - Load-out of super-yacht "Yas"

"Yas" when she was still "Swift 141"
two-and-a-half years ago, being
lifted out of the water by TTS.

"Swift141" high and dry, ready
for a complete make-over

"Yas" positioned on 20 trestles supported by forty 300T jacks, all of which are part of the TTS-designed skidding system.  She was pulled towards the edge of the jetty by 100T strandjacks on many as 18 pulling points to eliminate undue stress being put on any part of her structure.

After re-positioning of the skidding rails, "Yas" is carefully positioned at the edge of the jetty ready for load-out onto the pre-ballasted Mighty Servant 3, which will be used to realise the actual float-off.

Safely resting on her 20 trestles, "Yas" is awaiting the weather 
before being repositioned for float-off.


The Mighty Servant 3 is gently lowering herself and giving
"Yas" her freedom.


Super-yacht "Yas" in all her glory.  She's a striking, graceful, 141m long vessel with spectacular external and internal features, showing outstanding performance with a capacity of reaching speeds up to 26 knots, driven by up-to-the minute green-fuel engines




November 2011 - Transportation of vessels

In November 2011, TTS International transported a number of vessels from their fabrication yard to alongside seagoing vessel using a selection of trailer combinations for a project in Qatar.  See also our movie gallery!

Transportation using an extandable hydraulic swan-neck hydraulic trailer for additional support

Transportation of a 30m long vessel using our 16-axle hydraulic trailer configuration

Transportation of a 30m long vessel weighing 75T using our 16-axle hydraulic trailer configuration

November 2011 - Load-out and float-off of landing craft

In November of 2011, TTS International successfully completed the load-out of a 1,300T landing craft.  The landing craft was sailed to a local port, where the barge was submerged until the barge floated off.


June 2011 - Transportation of Nitrogen Vessel

In June 2011, TTS International safely and successfully completed the transportation of a 49m. long Nitrogen vessel for Exterran, which was to be installed in the Vopak Horizon Tankfarm Project.

The 49 x 3.89 x 4.36m nitrogen vessel with a weight of 120T was loaded in Hamriyah, transported by road to Fujairah and offloaded using TTS's 400T SWL hydraulic gantry crane.

December 2010 - May 2011 - TowerTech bridge installation; Ras Khamays - Jazirah Ghanghah

 Transportation and lifting of precast bridge girders, Sharjah

 Placement of 50T fender unit

Sunset over the installation

 Placement of the island connection span; a total of 13 spans of eight girders each.

Placement of the 75T pier cap

Placement of the 110T precast girder for the offshore bridge

August 2010 - load-out of MopuStor

In August of 2010, TTS carried out the load-out of MopuStor, a unit which weighed in at 12,400 T, as measured by TTS's jacking system.  This unit was fabricated in Abu Dhabi and was destined for mobilisation to its destination in Norway.

 Final preparations for the load-out.  The Hamriya Pride is to be ballasted level with the GTO barge

 All skid-tracks are ready; the barge is ballasted and we're ready to start the actual load-out

 A myriad of barge preparations all taking place at the same time

 Ready to shift the MopuStor onto the GTO barge

The MopuStor is carefully being pulled onto the barge using four 200T strand jacks.

Ballasting the barge during load-out


 The central jacking console


We're ready for sail-out


 Another load-out completed successfully

 The early morning of the day we sail out

 Towage to offshore Abu Dhabi, where the MopuStor will be transferred onto the Mighty Servant for transportation to Norway


Various lifting and installation projects over the years

Some pictures which show our custom-designed gantry crane system at work


Some cranage.....






Various transportations, big and small, but all beautiful









Various load-outs and other marine operations