TTS completed the load-out of two 700 T container cranes, now bound for Umm Qasr, Iraq.


We regret having to say goodbye to our Operations Manager with whom we have been happy to work over the past four years.  He has decided to move on, and we wish him luck in his future career.  Our mr. Anthony George will be taking his place.  Congratulations Anthony; we hope that we will continue to enjoy working together as much as we have done so far!


After 30 years' membership, Roel Knaap was one of three longstanding members of the NVAD (Dutch Community Abu Dhabi) to be honoured with a lifelong honorary membership.  Congratulations Roel, Age en Maarten!


TTS has just completed the transportation of a pedestrian bridge from DIC to Deira, using two 6-axle hydraulic trailers fitted with a turntable.  


TTS has carried out the load-out and float-off of super-yacht "Yas".  Klick here to read and see!

November 2011

In November of 2011, TTS International successfully completed the load-out of a 1,300T landing craft.  The landing craft was sailed to a local port, where the barge was submerged until the barge floated off.

November 2011

In November 2011, TTS International transported a number of vessels from their fabrication yard to alongside seagoing vessel using a selection of trailer combinations for a project in Qatar.
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TTS just completed the installation of a 13-span, 104 girder bridge offshore.  Girder weights of 110MT, piercaps of 85MT

December 2010 - May 2011

TowerTech bridge installation; Ras Khamays - Jazirah Ghanghah

August 2010

In August of 2010, TTS carried out the load-out of MopuStor, a unit which weighed in at 12,400 T as measured by TTS's jacking system.
The unit was fabricated in Abu Dhabi and was due for mobilisation to its destination in Norway.